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Moi-Zver.RU, member of Europetnet

Welcome to the electronic pet registration database „Moi Zver“!

“Moi Zver” is a Russian member of Europetnet. Europetnet is an international network of electronic pet registration databases with the main purpose of returning lost pets to their owner throughout Europe in case of a loss. A pet lost abroad would most probably never be returned to its owner without the assistance of this huge and perfectly tuned system. Thousands of pets reunited with their owners every year are a convincing proof of the high proficiency of Europetnet.

If you are planning to take your pet on a trip abroad you have to consider the fact that many countries require that each pet be equipped with a transponder as an obligatory entry condition. The number of such countries is constantly growing. Beside ridding you of many unnecessary worries and errands and unpleasant „surprises“ connected with bringing your pet abroad, electronic identification is an effective measure against unlawful replacement of animals during contests and shows and various manipulations during breeding and insurance procedures.

You can register your pet in our database. For this purpose it needs to be equipped with a transponder with a unique number which makes unambiguous identification of animals registered in our database possible in any situation anywhere on the planet.

Your registration data will be stored in “Moi Zver”, and the person who finds your pet will be able to contact us, and we will turn to you!

List of veterinary clinics registering animals in our database